Finally Off To El Calafate

January 13, 2006
Day 107

This morning, I finally got to El Calafate. It was a long, bumpy ride over gravel roads, but I got there in one piece. Jenny seemed to be long gone. I checked in at the same hostel we were supposed to stay at, but she left late last night when I never showed up. I guess there were some issues with her making a reservation and later wanting her money back, but the details were a bit sketchy. The only thing that is clear is that she'll probably never talk to me again.

I spent most of the afternoon working on my blog, but I also met up with John again. We will go to the Perito Moreno glacier tomorrow morning. People have been telling me how great it is ever since I got to Argentina, so I'm excited that I'm finally going to get to see it.

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