Finally in Paramaribo

January 5, 2007
Day 464

I got up on the boat this morning at about 5:00 to find out when the first bus would be leaving for Paramaribo. I got lucky to get Craig and I tickets for the 6:00 bus, and a few hours later, we finally entered the capitol city. So it existed after all, even though we had to circumnavigate the country to get there.

We wanted to stay at the YWCA, but we couldn't find it. Finally, somebody pointed to a burned down building and said that that used to be it. We walked around a bit more and found another hotel in a nice district near the presidential palace. We spent most of the day taking care of tourist business like finding out if we needed visas to enter French Guiana (we didn't) and attempting to get extensions for our Suriname visas (we failed). Paramaribo seemed like a nice city, but I didn't have a chance to do much sight seeing. I ran into Yohan, the Belgian guy I met in Apoera, and it looks like he'll join us for our upcoming trek into Brownsberg Nature Reserve.

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