Altitude Adjustments

June 5-9, 2007
Day 615-619

Going up to high altitude is not an easy thing for me. I feel tired, lethargic, malaise, and can't walk up five stairs without breathing heavily. Luckily this only lasts a few days, and now I think I'm back to normal. I'm planning to do some trekking in the area, so getting acclimated is vital. The good thing is that all that is needed to acclimate is time, something I have plenty of.

Jamie had to go to Cuzco to continue his trip, but before he left, we got together with some of his Bolivian friends he met on the Death Road earlier this year. We drove out to the countryside for a barbecue. It was strange driving past mansions, shopping malls, and Burger Kings on the way. It's a side of Bolivia I hadn't seen before. The landscape was like the Nevada desert with huge red and yellow rock pillars jutting out from the rolling hills of the area. It was a fantastic region to visit. Too bad I didn't know I was going there or I would've brought my camera.

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