Abandoned By My Best Friend

October 25, 2007
Day 757

Picture of Leigh and I.

Leigh and I enjoy our bread men.

To start out the day, Leigh and I took another look at Laguna Quilatoa, then started walking on the path around the edge of the top of the crater. Right away, we saw a stray dog we had seen last night. One of her eyes was blue, the other brown, she had thin, dry fir, and there was almost no meat on her bones. Leigh though she was cute, and I kind of conceded by saying that she was so ugly she was cute.

When we got one-third of the way around the lagoon, we left it and headed north toward Chugchilan. We attempted to send the dog home, but she just started rubbing herself all over us. The dog continued following us, taking breaks whenever we did. When we stopped for lunch, we gave her some animal crackers as a reward for her loyalty.

I had grand visions for the ugly-but-cute dog. She was going to fend off the big nasty attack dogs for us and end up curling up in a ball in front of the fireplace for the night. But as soon as we arrived in Chugchilan after walking all day, she left us. Leigh and I walked around town later, and we spotted her taking food from a tourist in front of an expensive hotel. That dog was my best friend for the majority of the day, but then she abandoned me for someone with better quality food. What a disloyal bitch!

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