The Abandoned School

I recently visited an abandoned school in New Orleans. Walking through the pitch-dark building was creepy – I thought someone was lurking around every corner, waiting to attack. New Orleans is slowly being rebuilt after Katrina's destruction, but many buildings like this remain. The city is a fascinating place to visit, with constant reminders of what happened, and lots of optimism for the future.

Picture of school.

This New Orleans school was abandoned in the days before Hurricane Katrina struck. It never reopened.

Picture of room.

The rooms that survived the storm's surge have since been vandalized.

Picture of desks.

Desks are still stacked in the classrooms.

Picture of graffiti.

Graffiti explains New Orleans' state in succinct detail.

Picture of window.

Barking dogs and a distant train whistle can be heard through an unboarded window.

Picture of tricycle.

A creepy tricycle occupies the attic.

Picture of apparition.

Apparitions from better times haunt the doorways.

Picture of lockers.

Almost a decade later, no schoolwork remains.

Picture of newspaper.

A newspaper sits frozen in time on an administrator's desk, predicting a reality far different from the one New Orleans got.

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