There's No Turning Back Now

This is my first blog entry for my trip. I don't plan on leaving for over 3 months, but I feel that now is a good time to start writing because I made a big commitment toward my trip today: vaccinations. I got 4 shots: Rabies, Tetanus/Diptheria, Typhoid, and Hepatitis A. Getting them wasn't bad, but a few hours later, my arm felt like it went 2 rounds with Buster Douglas (so not too bad). I still have to go back for 2 more Rabies shots and a Yellow Fever shot, which I'm told is pretty bad-ass because it basically gives you the flu for several days. I also got prescriptions for Mefloquine for Malaria and Cipro in case I get severe diarrhea. Anyway, I was told that this all could cost $1500-$2000, so now there's no turning back. I'm not one to waste money, and after spending that kind of cash, I'll have to run barefoot through the jungle while eating raw oysters and drinking brown tap water to get my money's worth. I'm hoping my insurance will cover at least some it, though, so maybe I'll be able to limit myself to sleeping a few nights without a mosquito net to make up for my new spending habit.

Well, it feels good to get my first entry out of the way. Hopefully, many years from now, I'll reminisce about how I voluntarily let someone stick 4 needles in my arm just so I could travel.

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