Coasting Along

I finally finished moving out of my apartment today. Last night my roommate and I spent many countless hours cleaning everything. I think I have done more cleaning in the last three days than the combined total of my entire life. I think the apartment is cleaner now than when we moved in, which doesn't sound too horrible until I mention that my roommate was the first person to move in after the complex opened. Our security deposit was $400, and I think we should get $800 back. Needless to say, we went way overboard with cleaning, but at least it's done now.

Nicolle threw me a going-away party tonight. Several friends came over to her place and shared some memories of playing Ultimate and partying. I was also told about a man named Hector, who I never want to meet, but I'll probably bump into in a Peruvian jail cell after I get busted for sucking on cocoa leaves. Or maybe I'll meet him after I run out of money and have to resort to… doing some low-grade things to get some money back. Nick seemed to know a scary amount about this Hector fellow, but I'd rather not go into details here.

It's been a long week for me, but in a good way. I now have my Inca Trail reservation through Andean Life. I also purchased six months of travel insurance, which I can renew while I'm on the road. I only have one more week of work left, and it should be an easy one. Even though I'm thoroughly exhausted, my trip planning is moving along quite well and things seem to be going great for me. I'm still really excited about my trip.

Thank you Nicolle, for cooking a great dinner and for inviting people over. Also thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed reminiscing, as well as envisioning the experiences my future travels will entail. I think I'm now officially prepared for the worst of it.

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One thought on “Coasting Along

  1. Nic

    Glad we could scare you into thinking the worse! My tummy still hurts today from laughing :) Hope you made it to your mom and dad's safely today! Was nice to have the 'vette in my garage for a night.

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