A Laid-Back Town

December 7, 2005
Day 70

I slept fairly late today. This place is so laid-back, the entire town is dead before noon. I didn't feel like doing anything too strenuous after yesterday's bike ride, so I just took a stroll through town and bought a bus ticket for tomorrow to La Serena. I'll have to ride the bus for 16 hours or so, but there aren't any cities between here and there that interest me much. The distances throughout Chile are huge. Most people actually go all the way to Santiago from San Pedro, which is 24 hours by bus. It was easy for me to pass on that one.

I also ran into Emanuel, the French girl who had been traveling on the same path as me with her family through Bolivia a few weeks ago. After the Uyuni salt flats tour, they went into Argentina for a bit and are now on their way back to Lima, from which they will fly home in five days.

Late in the afternoon, I went to the archaeological museum. It had a big remake of an archaeological dig in the middle, and eight or so wings with exhibits that branched out from the center. The format made it easy to see everything, and it was the best museum I had seen in a long time.

At night, the hostel owner cooked everyone a fantastic dinner, and I hung out with the other people at the hostel. Before I knew it, it was almost morning again. I could easily spend a week here and not even realize it.

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2 thoughts on “A Laid-Back Town

  1. Dan

    Hi Dan,

    I wanted to let you know that you have a reader here. I first found you on Technorati while you were in Bolivia. I generally read on my PDA so I can't respond unless I'm near a computer. But I loved the stuff that you wrote about Bolivia. A lot of the same stuff I noticed when I was there. Beautiful country. I haven't been to Chile yet, but I look forward to reading about it.


  2. Dan Perry Post author

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the comment. Bolivia is beautiful indeed. Maybe I'll get back there later in my trip. I still want to go to the jungle at some point. Chile is great too, but very different. I'm amazed at how developed it is. Bolivia seems to have been lost in time compared to the rest of the continent, which is sad, but it makes the country unique at the same time.

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