The Super Bowl Is In Spanish!

February 5, 2006
Day 130

I made it a point to watch the Super Bowl tonight. I hadn't watched any football in months, but I still didn't want to miss the big one. I knew I'd have my work cut out for me though due to a worldwide apathy toward the game. When I told John of my plans, he thought I wanted to watch a basketball game. I asked a Dutch guy if he was interested in checking it out and he said, "Sure, that's baseball, right?"

Craig, an Australian friend of John's who would be on the cruise with us, didn't know anything about the game, but he was willing to learn. We walked around town to a few places before finding an Irish bar that was willing to play it. More Americans were in the bar than I had seen on my entire trip. I could tell they hadn't been traveling for very long. "Oh my God, it is in Spanish!" exclaimed one of them. Isn't that usually how it is when you're in a Spanish-speaking country?

I thought the game was boring, but I still had a few laughs with the old American cruisers. Even though we were from the same country and spoke the same language, I still had a hard time explaining to them how I could travel for so long without being filthy rich. I think it was a wise decision not to tell them that I haven't even spent as much money in four months on the road than they did for their two-week cruise.

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