Trying To Catch Up

May 8, 2006
Day 222

Today was mostly spent catching up on my blog and trying to plan out the next month or so. Craig and I moved to a hotel more near the center of town, found out that there is actually a tourism information center here, and learned about a few of the national parks in this side of the country.

Santa Cruz barely feels like Bolivia at times. Bolivia is the 18th poorest country in the world, but this city feels very middle class. It's almost like I'm still in Argentina, but with Bolivian prices.

For example, our hotel last night was $2.50 each, and our dinner of a quarter chicken, french fries, and rice for each of us was a little more than $1. Finally, some relief for my budget. The other strange thing about Santa Cruz is that it has a fairly large community of Mennonites. Something seems drastically out of place when I see people who look like Amish without beards walking down the streets of a large city in Southern Bolivia.

I think we'll need a few days here to recover from the long week of traveling on the boat and buses before moving on to new adventures.

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10 thoughts on “Trying To Catch Up

  1. Nic


  2. Andrea

    I sent you an e-mail, but I feel the need to join in. I'll have a beer for ya at the Brewer game on Friday. I think that's my soonest opportunity to drink. It'll have to do. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. Big Game James

    Hey Dan!

    Enjoy Bolivia, lots of interesting contradictions in this country.

    oh, and lemme know if you plan on going to the bar Sol y Luna in La Paz (it's in the Lonely Planet)...there is this short little guy that works there that is always on cocaine and is absolutely hilarious...take a foto of him for me. trust me, you will know him when you see him.



  4. Jim

    Has anyone heard from Dan? The last time I instant messaged with him was nearly a month ago and he was planning to rent a dugout canoe with a friend and visit a remote section of Bolivia (up river if I recall correctly). If anyone has heard from him since about May 11th please post to this site. Thanks

  5. Dan Perry Post author

    I'm alive and well. It's been an amazing adventure through the Amazon basin that I'll try to post as soon as possible. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. And James, I'll be in LaPaz soon, so I'll try to get a picture of the coke head for you.

  6. Dan Perry Post author

    Just to let everyone know, It'll still be a few more days before I'll be able to post any updates. I'm in Rurrenabaque where the Internet is via satellite, which means that it's horribly slow and expensive. Stay tuned for updates from La Paz.

  7. Jolene

    Dan I'm sorry i didn't realize your birthday was may 17th
    happy late birthday

    Emma Turned One on juen 4th I can't believe its almost been a year since you've been gone. when are you planning on coming home?

  8. Dan Perry Post author

    Hi Jolene, time sure does fly. I should be able to answer your question soon enough.

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