Mamoré Canoe Trip Day 6

June 29, 2006
Day 274

Picture of Veronica.

Veronica at sunset.

Craig has been sick for awhile, and he decided that he needs to try to get a blood test this morning. Maybe it's nothing serious, but he could have dengue fever, malaria, or any other number of terrible diseases that exist in this region. He'll try to jump on the first boat downstream he sees, but that will be easier said than done. We've only been seeing about one boat every two days so far.

Not only were there no boats today, but there were almost no potential campsites, either. We finally found one that was suitable with only an hour before the bugs began attacking. Everyone worked very fast and we began eating supper just as we began being eaten. This was our longest day on the river so far, and hopefully we'll be able to take some more breaks tomorrow.

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