Mamoré Canoe Trip Day 7

June 30, 2006
Day 275

Picture of me with crab.

I show off the catch of the day.

Nothing significant happened during the day today. We saw lots of birds, including our first macaws of the trip. We also stopped for some swimming a few times in the relentless Amazon heat.

This afternoon, we stopped a little early so we could play a game of ultimate frisbee. It was a fun, hard-fought game that only lasted about half an hour before everyone was too tired to continue.

At our campsite tonight, I was setting a fishing line when suddenly I noticed something strange in the river. An empty canoe was floating downstream toward me. Nobody bothered to tie down one of the canoes and it began floating away! Luckily, I was able to jump in it and bring it to shore. Crisis averted. I'm just glad it didn't happen at night.

After we ate dinner, I checked my fishing line and had something on it. I began pulling it in, but it didn't feel like a fish. When it got close, I saw what appeared to be a giant tarantula pop out of the water. Then I saw that it in fact was a large freshwater crab. It made a tasty dessert. I may not have caught the most fish, but at least I got the most exotic animal.

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