A Savannah Oasis

November 25, 2006
Day 423

With no transportation out of town due to last night's bus breakdown, we had not choice but to wait for something to happen. While waiting, we met a group of twelve women staying at our hotel who drove all day yesterday from the coast in 4-wheelers: Four women on each. That sounded like a crazy adventure, one I wouldn't be so willing to partake in. I couldn't figure out where they put their luggage.

The bus was finally fixed mid-afternoon. Shane, the driver, pulled up and wobbled his skinny frame around a bit while he motioned us in. Something seemed off about him.

Shane drove like a madman the entire way. The road wasn't paved, and it was full of plenty of potholes and sharp corners, so most would think it would have been wise to err on the side of caution, but not him. Halfway to Annai, he pulled over to a barbecue happening on the side of the road. He downed a few quick drinks and we were on our way once again. Surely someday he'll roll that bus.

We arrived in Annai remarkably quicker than what was predicted. Shane dropped us off at a lodge just outside of town. It had a small shop and some amazing looking rooms that went for around $100 per night, but most people's eyes were glued to the television, apparently the only one in town. We opted to camp for $5 and were led to an empty gazebo with generated electricity and plenty of space for a tent. Right next door were showers with excellent watter pressure and a restaurant/bar called The Oasis. Shane, who previously seemed to be in such a hurry to get there, was busy drinking with his friends for the next several hours. It was definitely worth stopping for a night.

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