An Oasis Sunset

August 1, 2006
Day 307

I had some extra time to spare in my quest to get to Guayaquil, but not enough time to go off an any major adventures, so I figured I'd stick around Huacachina for another day. It's a great place to relax with hot, sunny weather every day, beautiful scenery, and an extremely laid-back atmosphere. My hostel is run by a family who doesn't seem to have a care in the world. They're always greeting all of their guests with huge smiles on their faces and tending to the pet macaw and parrots in their backyard. Usually hostel owners want you to pay upfront, but I haven't had to pay for anything yet, including my bar tab. Everyone is in a wonderful state of bliss here.

This afternoon, I climbed to the top of one of the big dunes next to town with Sean and Caroline for sunset. It was windy, but quite beautiful. Despite it being a tropical desert, it started to get cold, so I joined several other people and ran down the dune to the ground.

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One thought on “An Oasis Sunset

  1. Judy (Kevin's mom)

    Well Dan, I must say that I am quite tired after traveling with you for 316 days in just two weeks. My trip ended Aug. 14, 2006. Your narration and pictures made me feel that I was there. I got out of breath, had blisters, itchy from the mosquitoes, sore from the bumpy long bus rides, and felt nauseated. Besides that, I had a wonderful time! I, as a traveler, can appreciate and understand your travels. I never went on a vacation, which I didn't love, no matter what went wrong. It was all part of the adventure. I will have to tell you about my one-day trip to Washington, D.C. and how we almost were robbed in Italy. However, my trips are "tourist" not "primitive". Stop in if you have time and couch surfing is open with a phone call.

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