More Daywalks at Brownsberg

January 9, 2007
Day 468

Picture of hammock.

Relaxing in my hammock.

This morning we did the most difficult walk of all to Witi Creek. The path went down 450 meters along a ridge to the bottom of the plateau and ended at the creek, which had a nice, clear pool in which to swim. The walk back to the top was steep but no problem once again because I carried very little.

In the afternoon, we walked to the Mazaroni Top Outlook, which provided a good view of the succinctly named Professor W J Ir Blomenstein Lake, also known as the Brokopondo Reservoir, a man-made lake which was created by the formation of the Afobaka dam for the purpose of mining and powering the capitol city of Paramaribo. It was overall another relaxing day in which we took in the beautiful jungle scenery of the Brownsberg Nature Reserve.

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