Planning for Brownsberg

January 6, 2007
Day 465

Craig, Yohan, and I met up at the government-run Stinasuu office in Paramaribo today. Getting decent information was like pulling teeth, but eventually we found out that we could book hammock space at the Brownsberg Nature Reserve instead of staying at the expensive lodge. We'll have to walk to the resort from a Maroon village of Brownsweg, and from there, there are several day walks to do.

Eventually we found the bus that goes back and forth between Paramaribo and Brownsweg every day, and after asking dozens of people in the area, the consensus we got was that it left daily at 1:00, although the driver was nowhere to be found. Incredibly, a lot of the people we asked who were working at the shops near the bus knew absolutely nothing about it, even though they are near the place where the bus leaves from every day of their lives. This is one of the biggest differences from the Latin American culture, where fifty guys will tell you everything about a bus before you even walk within two blocks of it.

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