Parbo Doesn't Exist

January 4, 2007
Day 463

The Washabo boat left at 9:00 this morning, only one hour after the already-delayed designated departure time. This time it wasn't so full, and it only swayed a minimum amount. Both outboard engines that were powering the boat cut out nonstop. At one point, neither engine was working, and the tide was coming in, so we actually started moving backwards. I began to think that I was stuck in a situation similar to the movie The Truman Show, and Paramaribo didn't exist, so no matter what I tried to do to get there, it would automatically fail.

We were supposed to arrive at Nickerie at 8:00 PM, but because of all the problems with the boat, we didn't actually get there until 1:00 AM. As usual, the boat was full of kids, and although this time they weren't drinking, they still stuck around the boat and made a lot of noise all night, so our plans of getting a few hours' sleep on the boat before catching the bus didn't work out.

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