A Brazilian Luau

March 4, 2007
Day 522

Picture of guy.

A guy looking at the Canoa Quebrada beach.

I went down to the beach early today before it got too hot to set foot outside. The coastline was seemingly endless with perfect blue waters and almost no people enjoying it. The moon-and-star symbol of Canoa Quebrada had been etched into the cliffs along the shore in many places. It may sound sac-religious, but I actually think it was a more beautiful beach than Jericoacoara.

I watched the sunset this afternoon at 5:30 (it just keeps getting earlier), but it wasn't so spectacular because it set behind the town as is normal in Brazil. I also wanted to watch the full moon coming up but my rudimentary calculation I made a few days ago of "The moon is almost full, I bet in a few days I'll be able to see the full moon coming up at sunsets" must have been slightly off because I didn't see it until a few hours later. And I thought I had the lunar cycle figured out from being outside so much.

I found out from a vacationing guy from Sao Paulo in my hotel that there would be a luau on the beach tonight, so I decided to check it out. It wasn't very Hawaiian, but there were a bunch of people drinking and dancing on the sand. I spent the rest of the night laying in the sand, watching the moon pass overhead, and watching the tide come in (another cycle I'm busily trying to figure out).

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