Post Questions Here

It's time for another Questions Answered session. Anyone who wants to ask me questions about my trip can post them here. I'll collect the questions and answer them in a week or two.

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3 thoughts on “Post Questions Here

  1. james peters

    Big Dan,

    Where are you heading to after South America?

    sounds like you are having a great time


  2. Andrea

    Well I showed my kids your site. They had some questions and thought the whole concept was interesting. So I hope you get some questions!

  3. Michele

    I'm a student from Ms. Feutz's class and had a question about your trip. I'm very interested in traveling and want to do pretty much exactly what your doing. How do you even start about doing this? Did you just buy a ticket, fly down there, and that was that? Do you plan on doing this in another continent? I'm very interested in Africa-do you suggest that to be a good place to travel around? Any answers would be appreciated.
    A student,
    ps. I wasn't exactly sure where to post these questions...

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