Driving to the Mountains

February 24, 2007
Day 514

Guaramiranga is the state of Ceara's version of the mountains. Its altitude of 1000 or so meters may not seem like much, but it's quite high for the people of Fortaleza, which of course is at sea level. Daniela had some time off of her hectic doctoring schedule, so we decided to make the three-hour drive there with daughter Lara and friend Echevania.

The drive took forever, but it was quite scenic. The rolling hills of the Brazilian interior were a nice change of pace from the constant barrage of beaches. We got to a hotel with camping in the back yard just as it was getting dark. We set up our tents near a shelter where we met some other campers from Fortaleza who said it was their first time sleeping in tents. Surprisingly, they were wearing heavy jackets. I thought the weather was pleasantly cool, but the Fortalezans had had felt cold before.

We cooked up a big meal, but it was too late to do much else. We planned to do some sight seeing tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Driving to the Mountains

  1. Edvania

    I'm Edvania, Dan :D
    hehe but no problem. that's ok
    nice BLOG. all pictures of your big travel are wonderfull..
    take care
    eDVania :D hehhe

  2. Dan Perry Post author

    Oh, sorry about that, it's just the Brazilian pronunciation. 'D' and 'T' both sound like 'ch' to my anglophone upbringing.

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