Keeping George Company

September 19, 2007
Day 721

Picture of me.

Me with a tortoise.

Daniela had to fly back to the mainland this morning. I really appreciated seeing her again, and I think her visit went quite well. We saw an unreal amount of stuff in a short amount of time.

Actually, packing so much action into just a few days left me kind of feeling overwhelmed. I needed a day just to let everything I had seen so far on the Galapagos sink in. Besides sorting through all of my pictures (I shot over 1000 during the cruise), about the only thing I did this afternoon was go back to the Charles Darwin Research Center to look at the tortoises some more. They may have had faces only a mother could love, but they were still interesting to watch simply because of their gigantic size. I could comfortably fit inside some of their shells.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping George Company

  1. Daniela

    Oh Dan! It was more than a wonderful trip to me! First, I had your company for a short week ( I really wish it would had lasted longer!) and second, I got the unique opportunity to see this paradise. Actually, when i was there, seeing that dry landscap, it made me miss my Amazon. But everything in Galapagos seems so strange and beautiful. Those animals beside you all the time, they really don't care about your presence, they just live their lives. And what about the Pacific's waters? So.."Pacific", so blue and clear ( and cold!).
    Right on the morning following the day I arrived in Fortaleza, I had to work. For 24 hours! and sometimes, when i closed my eyes, I could remember those imagines from Galapagos, those desert beaches and even could realized that i was really there, I still remember it as a good dream...a real dream.
    It was fantastic,
    thanks Dear and I hope to meet you again for more adventures like that!

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