That Old Football Injury

January 19-20, 2008
Days 843-844

I decided to stick around Santa Marta to watch the Packers game, and what a waste that turned out to be. Not only did they lose, but I sustained an injury to my hand when I was cheering and it came into contact with a spinning metal ceiling fan. The fan was so mangled, it barely rotated anymore and I had to spend several minutes pounding the kinks out of its blades. My hand was left bloodied and bruised, but nothing was broken. I learned my lesson from my scuba diving course. You're always supposed to put your hand up when ascending to the surface because "it's better to lose a hand than a head." I put that advice to good use today.

There wasn't much else to report from Santa Marta other than that it was time to go. The heat there was unbearable, hitting 38 C (100 F) every day. The heat drained me of my energy, causing me to sleep almost all day until a small amount of relief came at night. I was in the area over two weeks, yet never experienced even a drop of rain to cool things off. I don't know how people can live in a climate like that.

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One thought on “That Old Football Injury

  1. Urrv


    It was good to "hear" from you again. Scuba diving sounded really exhilarating and fun. I need to find time to look at your pictures. I have been really craving some trekkerglobe updates so it was nice to finally get my fix, though I must admit it has just left me wanting more ;)

    Safe travels,

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