Shitty Barns

Picture of the band.

John Common and Jess DiNicola, with their keyboardist in the middle.

Katie and I drove out to Spring Green to check out a shitty barn session. It's basically a concert inside a barn with no stage. They only sell about fifty tickets per show, so you're guaranteed a great seat. Another cool thing is that they have grills with hot coals already going when you get there, so you can bring in your own food and grill it. John Common and Jess DiNicola were playing the night we went. It was an awesome, relaxing show, and I got to sample Furthermore's Three Feet Deep, a peaty beer that's definitely not for everyone, but was delicious to my palate.

The next day we hung out in Governor Dodge Park for a warm, sunny afternoon, perfect for reading a book and checking out the fall colors. The best part of fall is that the oppressive heat of the summer is finally gone.

Photos from the weekend.

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