Starved Rock Ice Climbing

Here are some pictures from our day of ice climbing in Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. This continues to be an amazing winter for outdoor recreation. Despite the lengthening days, the frigid temperatures aren't rising. I know I'm weird for saying this, but I hope to get another month of this weather before the great thaw begins.

Picture of Gokul climbing.

Five of us from the Hoofer Mountaineering Club made the journey to Starved Rock State Park, Illinois for some ice climbing.

Picture of ice.

The ice was colorful; the day was bright.

Picture of Gokul.

Gokul got us started, soloing Lasalle Canyon.

Picture of Doug.

Doug was the only person in our group who had been to the park before. Fifty years ago.

Picture of Gokul climbing.

After our warmup, we moved to Tonti, a sixty-foot frozen waterfall.

Picture of Martin climbing.

Martin enjoyed climbing the lines at the sides of the column.

Picture of Martin climbing.

Teresa showed us her preying mantis moves.

Picture of Dan climbing.

My axes slid into the buttery ice.

Picture of Doug climbing.

It's the best ice the region has had for years.

Picture of Doug climbing.

Definitely worth the two-and-a-half hour drive from Madison.

More Starved Rock photos

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