Wangfujing Critter Market

Wangfujing is a popular shopping district in central Beijing. One day, Katie and I were walking along Wangfujing's main street with Brendan, a friend from home. We found an alley that turned out to be the famous “critter market.” This place looked like it was designed intentionally to gross people out with its strange foods and beverages for sale. It proved to be a fun experience.

Here are some photos:

Picture of crowd.

The main pedestrian avenue in Wangfujing is full of fast food restaurants and modern shopping malls. And of course, construction cranes.

Picture of crowd.

We found a crowded alley and shuffled forward.

Picture of critters.

Movement caught the corner of my eye. This man was completing a bouquet of seahorses and scorpions on sticks. The scorpions' legs and stingers twitched under the bright overhead lights.

Picture of scorpions.

The vendor was a showman. He allowed the scorpions to crawl on his hand. Katie was disgusted. From behind the lens, I was saddened.

Picture of Brendan.

“No way I'm eating live scorpions!” Brendan said.

Picture of crowd.

Eventually the showman convinced us to buy a stick. The scorpions were deep-fried. They tasted like bacon.

Picture of crowd.

I also bought some cicadas. Crunchy on the outside, squishy in the middle.

Picture of vendors.

There were many more vendors in the alley, selling all sorts of tasty meats.

Picture of cocktail.

Katie washed her meal down with a delicious dry-ice cocktail.

Picture of trio.

Brendan, me and Katie, going strong after our interesting dinner.

More photos from Wangfujing

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