The Fu Ling Weekly Market

Fu Ling - Picture of mandarins.

Grandfather and grandchild, at the Fu Ling weekly market.

Nowadays, it may seem like everyone in China lives in a big city. But that definitely is not true. Many villages are emptying as more and more people migrate in search of a better life, but small-town life still is flourishing in pockets of China.

Take Fu Ling, for example. Once a week, the people of this southern Chinese village get together to sell their wares in a market. Local produce, as well as household goods, are sold under one roof. For me, the Fu Ling market offered a great look into a way of life that is in slow decline. Given that the average age of salespeople in Fu Ling was north of fifty, I doubt this market will exist in thirty years. But for now, it is still thriving.

Fu Ling - Picture of market.
The outdoor section of the Fu Ling market.

Fu Ling - Picture of cooking salesman.
A salesman of food and cookery makes his pitch.

Fu Ling - Picture of chicken lady.
A chicken salesperson moves her stock.

Fu Ling - Picture of Daikon.
Daikon (大根, literally "big root") is a type of Chinese radish.

Fu Ling - Picture of greens.
Many greens for sale.

Fu Ling - Picture of tarps.
Tarps protect against frequent rain.

Fu Ling - Picture of women.

Fu Ling - Picture of cassava.
Cassava root.

Fu Ling - Picture of vegetables.
I'm not sure what this vegetable is called.

Fu Ling - Picture of old man. Fu Ling - Picture of older man.

Fu Ling - Picture of spices.
Spices for sale.

Fu Ling - Picture of hoe man.
I love the craftsmanship that still exists among the older generation in China. This guy is hand-carving handles for his hoes. I doubt you'll see this kind of thing for much longer.

Fu Ling - Picture of knives.
Knives and files for sale.

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