AtW Podcast, Episode 12: Kade Mascarella

Picture of Dan, Taliesin and Kade.

Dan, Taliesin and Kade.

For this episode of the podcast, I talked with Kade Mascarella. He and his wife Stacie have lived in Beijing for the last eight years. They traveled extensively before they had kids, and they made a conscious decision to continue traveling after their kids were born. Kade and I talked about many parts of the world, but the focus of our discussion was on traveling with children. I learned that not only is it possible to travel to exotic places with your kids, but in some cases, you'll actually open doors to more genuine interactions.

Kade's advice is simple: plan more, go slower.

Are you excited yet? Here's our discussion:

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Show notes:

  • I mentioned the book Freakonomics, specifically the chapter that talks about how our childrens' names can affect their lives. Here's a Freakonomics podcast episode where they discuss a similar topic.
  • I also mentioned an episode of the Radiolab podcast that talks about music. Part of the episode mentions that speakers of tonal languages, such as Mandarin, are much more likely to have perfect pitch than speakers of non-tonal languages, such as English.

Kade told a story about his visit to the DMZ in North Korea. Here's a picture that I took from the building he was in (the Panmungak building), facing south. The center of the blue buildings marks the border between North and South Korea. The military in this picture are all North Korean.

Picture of North South border.

Here's Katie sitting at the table where the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed on July 27, 1953.

Picture of Katie.

And finally, here's a picture of the North Korean military guarding the Joint Security Area. Technically, they are standing in South Korea.

Picture of soldiers.

Have you ever traveled internationally with your kids? Let me know in the comment section below.

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