AtW Podcast, Episode 19: Monica Tooki

AtW Podcast 19: Dan and Monica.

AtW Podcast: Monica and Dan. And lovely birds.

My guest for this episode is Monica Tooki. We talked about her upbringing in two very different worlds – Singapore and Mississippi. We also discussed the Peace Corps and her time living in Kiribati. Monica is an experienced traveler and an expat, with lots of good stories to tell.

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Show Notes:

  • Where is Kiribati? This map will give you a good idea.
  • I briefly mentioned Shackleton's incredible journey in Antarctica. Endurance is the best book I have read about him. Highly recommended.
  • We talked a little about China's one-child policy. Here's a National Geographic article about its potential long-term effect.
  • Seventeen countries (including the US and South Korea) sent troops to fight for South Korea in the Korean War. Three countries (DPRK, USSR and China) fought for North Korea. This article has a lot more info.
  • Earlier this year, South Korea returned the remains of 36 Chinese soldiers who died in the Korean War.
  • Here's an article about the world's oldest man getting his bar mitzvah, 100 years late.
  • Emma Morano is the last person alive who was born in the 1800s.

We mentioned Panjin and the Red Beach in this podcast. Here are some of my photos:

AtW Podcast 19: sunset.

Sunset at Red Beach.

AtW Podcast 19: Picture of seagul.
AtW Podcast 19: Picture of rice.

A rice field.

AtW Podcast 19: Picture of river.
AtW Podcast 19: Picture of red beach.

Can you sea the red?

Check out some more photos from Liaoning Province.

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