Summer in Berlin

Picture of memorial.

Berlin's Holocaust Memorial is full of symbolism.

Last summer, Katie and I traveled to Berlin, where she lived for two years. Katie was a great tour guide, taking me to her old haunts and to the city's many parks and tourism attractions. I had a great time getting to know this world-class city for two full weeks. Many thanks to Maor, Christina and Liese for hosting us. I hope to see you again in the next few years.

Here are a few of my pictures from our trip:

Picture of Katie.

You can swing in front of the Berlin Wall.

Picture of Waldo.

Can you spot him?

Did you know I recorded a podcast with Liese, who grew up in West Berlin before the wall came down? You can listen to her story here.

Picture of former wall.

The places where the wall was torn down are clearly marked.

Picture of spikes.

These spikes used to sit between the walls to discourage jumpers.

Picture of walls.

There were actually two Berlin Walls, controlled by opposing forces.

Picture of hotel.

There's more to Berlin than the wall. For example, you can see where Michael Jackson dangled his baby outside a hotel window.

Picture of gate.

And there's the famous Brandenburg Gate.

Picture of Grunewald.

Grunewald is a giant forest park, west of Berlin.

Picture of locks.

Couples secure these locks to symbolize their everlasting love.

Picture of church.

Berlin serves as a living monument to the ravages of war. Kaiser Vilhelm church was partly destroyed in World War II.

Picture of church.

A new church is next to it, with blue stained glass windows lining the interior.

Picture of subway.

The U-Bahn is Berlin's utilitarian subway system.

Picture of subway car.

The cars are clean and you can usually find a seat.

Picture of garlic.

At Winterfeldplatz market, foodies can find lots of great deals.

Picture of f.

There's always plenty of fruit for sale.

Picture of salesman.

This guy was selling natural pillows, stuffed with grains.

Picture of women.

Hanging out.

Picture of parade.

Berlin is known for its festivals. This one was in remembrance of the 2010 Love Parade disaster, during which 21 people died from suffocation.

Picture of alcohol.

You can drink alcohol freely on the street in Berlin.

Picture of passed out man.

A common sight in Berlin.

Picture of Charlie.

Checkpoint Charlie, the former division between East and West, is now a tourist attraction.

Picture of market.

There are many Turkish markets in the city.

Picture of industrial wasteland.

Train tracks, abandoned buildings, graffiti.

Picture of Tempelhof Field.

Tempelhof Field used to be the airport. It has been decommissioned and is currently a giant park.

Picture of wire.

Barbed wire still exists in many places.

Picture of Reichstag.

The Reichstag is the futuristic building where the federal government meets.

Picture of building.

The main building is old.

Picture of friends.

Old friends reunited: Dan, Katie and Kevin.

Did you know I recorded a podcast with Kevin? He talked about bicycling across America, in the shape of a mustache. You can listen to it here.

Picture of Moar, Katie, Christina.

Thanks to Maor, Christina and Liese for hosting us!

Click here for more of my photos from Berlin.

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