AtW Podcast, Episode 13: Fei and Tapani

Picture of guests.

Tapani, Fei, Dan

Fei (菲) is from China. Tapani is from Finland. They met in New Zealand. They almost lived together in England. How did they end up in getting married and moving to Beijing? I got their story for this podcast.

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Show notes:

  • Tapani mentioned Japanese Manga and I didn't know what it was. Here's an article explaining it.
  • Tapani also talked about Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a classic of Chinese literature. You can buy Part I and Part II from Amazon, but unfortunately they are quite expensive ($31.54 for the Kindle editions). My own book, 1000 Days Between, isn't quite a classic yet. It's not even Chinese. But it is substantially cheaper. And that alone makes it work buying.
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