Winter Fun on the Wild Great Wall

Great Wall - Picture of Mom.

We made it to the Great Wall!

The world-famous Great Wall of China sees millions of visitors every year. The vast majority of tourists visit the restored sections, such as Badaling and Mutianyu. However, there are also many long stretches of the Great Wall that receive almost no visitors. During winter, it would be a rare occasion indeed to see another living soul in these parts.

When I went to the Great Wall with my mom, we weren't expecting snow. It was early November, and the weather was rather warm in Beijing. But as we ascended into the mountains, the temperature dropped. By the time we got to a village at the base of the Wall, it was snowing.

The snow continued throughout the night, leaving the Wall with a coat of fresh powder the next morning. We scrambled our way to the top and explored. While the snow prevented us from hiking as far as we had hoped, this was still an experience of a lifetime.

What do you think?

Great Wall - Picture of Mom.

The trail leading up to the wall is arduous, but once you get there, what a treat!

Great Wall - Picture of mountain.

In many places, the wall was built straight over the tops of mountains.

Great Wall - Picture of tower.

There is a guard tower every few hundred meters.

Great Wall - Picture of tower.

Approaching the guard tower for a bit of shelter from the snow.

Great Wall - Picture of window.

Looking out the window.

Great Wall - Picture of doorway.

Here's the entrance to the guard tower. I loved the light and the symmetry, broken up by some fallen bricks.

Great Wall - Picture of stairs.

Occasionally, it's possible to climb to the top of a tower.

Great Wall - Picture of me.

I put on my happy face.

Great Wall - Picture of Mom.

We were the only people on the wall that day.

Here are the rest of my photos from this trip to the Great Wall.

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