Shanghai, China's City of Infinite Shopping

Shanghai - Picture of Pudong.

Shanghai's fabulous Pudong district has only been developed for 25 years.

Shanghai, population 24 million, is the biggest city in China. By some measurements, it's the biggest city in the world. I live in Beijing, with “only” 21 million people. So it's probably not a surprise that when I research travel destinations, an even bigger city isn't very high on my list.

Nevertheless, I've visited Shanghai three times since moving to China, two years ago. The city feels really different than Beijing. Whereas Beijing is full of temples, museums and emperors' playgrounds, Shanghai is all business. The Pudong district, on the far side of the Huangpu River, is full of skyscrapers, including the Shanghai Tower, the second-tallest building in the world. The French Concession has beautiful broad avenues and boutique shops. Even in “old” places such as the Yuyuan gardens, shopping is the name of the game.

Shanghai isn't my favorite place in China, but I've managed to have fun with each visit. If you're planning a trip to China, I think it's worth checking out Shanghai, even if you're not into shopping. If nothing else, you'll be dazzled by the tall buildings, and you'll get a first-hand look at how 24 million people can call the same place home.

Shanghai - Picture of Pudong.

Katie admires the Pudong.

Shanghai - Picture of cop.

A friendly officer guards the Huangpu River.

Shanghai - Picture of friends.

Friends take a stroll on the Bund.

Shanghai - Picture of violinist.

This girl was practicing her violin skills on the Bund.

Shanghai - Picture of cleaners.

Many sanitary workers are employed to keep the Bund clean.

Shanghai - Picture of smoothies.

Delicious fruit smoothies for sale at an outdoor market.

Shanghai - Picture of lit buildings.

The Yuyuan (豫园) bazaar is a popular garden and shopping district. At night it really comes alive.

Shanghai - Picture of temple.

The buildings in Yuyuan have a traditional style, with modern lighting.

Shanghai - Picture of temple.

Another traditional building.

Shanghai - Picture of sign.

No elephants allowed.

Shanghai - Picture of cannibal bamboo.

Bamboo is everywhere in the city. Here, in a disgusting display of cannibalism, they use bamboo to hold up bamboo.

Shanghai - Picture of street.

Here's a typical old street in Shanghai.

Shanghai - Picture of temple.

At the City of God temple, they still use an abacus. It's a Taoist temple built 700 years ago during the Ming Dynasty.

Shanghai - Picture of iPhone.

Damn kids and their iPhones!

Shanghai - Picture of incense burner.

Burning incense.

Shanghai - Picture of field.

On the outskirts of the city, the buildings are encroaching on the farm fields.

Shanghai - Picture of bricks.

Soon, maybe this will be a new housing compound.

Shanghai - Picture of Katie.

Katie relaxes with a micro brew after a long day of sightseeing.

Here is my full set of photos from Shanghai.

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