AtW Podcast, Episode 17: Jeroen and Linda

Picture of view.

This podcast was recorded from my apartment in Beijing.

For this episode, I talked with Jeroen from the Netherlands and Linda from Germany. They started hitchhiking from their home in Berlin several months ago, and plan to make a giant loop around Asia. I met them in my apartment in Beijing, when they were about halfway through their trip. Hitching has given them a unique perspective on the world, in which they place their complete trust in other people. During the show, we talked about their amazing journey, and told many stories along the way.

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Jeroen and Linda blog about their adventures at They love getting new visitors, so tell all your friends!

Show notes:

  • According to Wikipedia, Wang (王) is the most common Chinese surname, covering 9.9% of the population. Li (李) and Zhang (张/張) are the next most common. Eighty-five percent of Chinese people have one of the 100 most common surnames in the country.
  • Again according to Wikipedia, the Russian city of Vladivostok's name means (roughly) "the ruler of the East".
  • When we talk about gers, we are referring to Mongolian yurts. Here's an example that I found at the Genghis Khan memorial near Dongsheng, China:
    Picture of ger.

    A ger.

  • Couchsurfing is a website that connects you with locals around the world.
  • Be Welcome is an open-source competitor of Couchsurfing.
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