AtW Podcast, Episode 18: Wang Ye

Picture of Dan and Wang Ye.

Me and Wang Ye, at Mandy's for lunch.

My guest today is Wang Ye. Last time he was on the podcast, he was about to begin a long journey around Asia. Now, he's back in Beijing (at least he was; he just took off for Russia), and we decided to catch up on old times.

Wang Ye and I talked about his love of Starbucks coffee and co-working spaces, as well as his latest trip. He paid his respects to the Dear Leader in North Korea, decided to leave Istanbul after a terrorist bombing and hitched a ride on an Iranian bus to the border with Georgia, among other things. What's he up to next? Listen to the podcast to find out.

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Show Notes:

  • Kim Jong Il was born in the village of Vyatskoye, in Russia. However, according to his biography, he was born on the sacred mountain of Paektu.
  • We talked a bit about Cappadocia, in Turkey. Here are some photos of this magical place.
  • We also talked about twice-cooked pork (hui guo rou, 回锅肉) , one of Wang Ye's favorite meals. Here's a recipe.

Picture of Wang Ye.

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