AtW Podcast, Episode 22: Kroy and Shalon

Podcast - Picture of smog.

When we recorded this podcast, the AQI was over 400.

My guests for this episode of The Around the World Podcast are Kroy and Shalon Nernberger. Kroy is a world-class curler who was invited to play in a tournament in remote Xining, Qinghai Province. His wife Shalon joined Katie and me in Beijing, and together we traveled to meet up with Kroy. We recorded this podcast from Xi'An, just before we split up. Shalon and Kroy recounted all of their adventures in China. Hopefully you'll gain some inspiration to plan your next trip!

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Show Notes:

  • Qinghai (青海) Province is in western China. Here'a a map.
  • Most curling stones come from two sources: Aisla Crag in Scotland and the Trefor Granite Quarry in Wales. The stones weigh between 38 and 44 pounds.
  • Here is Kroy's curling profile.
  • In Chinese culture, many numbers are either lucky or unlucky. Here's a page explaining these numbers and their significance.
  • Shalon mentioned the legend of the Bell Tower in Beijing. Here's more info about that legend.

Podcast - Picture of hutong life.
Life in Beijing's Hutongs.

Podcast - Picture of Lama Temple.
The Lama Temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in Beijing.

Podcast - Picture of Buddha.
This Buddha is 26 meters tall and is made from one piece of sandalwood.

Podcast - Picture of Drum Tower.
The Bell and Drum towers were used for timekeeping in ancient times.

Podcast - Picture of duck.
Peking duck is a delicacy in Beijing.

Podcast - Picture of Great Mosque.
The Great Mosque in Xining.

Podcast - Picture of curling.
Kroy is a world-class curler.

Podcast - Picture of Ta Er Si.
Ta Er Si (Kumbum Monastery) is a large Buddhist monastery near Xining. Click here for more of my photos from the monastery.

Podcast - Picture of butter sculptures.
These sculptures are made entirely from butter, a Tibetan art form.

Podcast - Picture of Kroy on train.
Kroy is elated to ride the train to Xi'An.

Podcast - Picture of terracotta warriors.
The terracotta warriors accompanied Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇) to the afterlife.

Podcast - Picture of candy.
The Muslim Quarter is one of the highlights of Xi'An. Here, a man twists a strand of candy.

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