AtW Podcast, Episode 23: Jun in Shangri-la

Shangrli-la - Picture of me, Jun and a friendly cat.

Me, Jun and a friendly cat.

In this episode, I talk with Jun, owner of the Tavern 47 Hostel in Shangri-la, China. Jun's story is very interesting. He grew up in Seoul, South Korea and was a real go-getter. As a young adult, he was making a handsome salary and living the high life. How did Jun transition from a fast lifestyle in a big city to running a youth hostel in a remote town? Listen to our conversation to find out.

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As I mentioned, Jun runs the Tavern 47 hostel. It has great reviews on Trip Advisor, Hostel World and

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Show notes:

  • Shangri-la sits at 3160 meters (10,370 feet). Cusco is a bit higher, at 3399 meters (11,152 feet). Both cities are freezing cold at night.
  • Seoul has about 10 million people in the city, and 25 million in the metropolitan area. South Korea's population is 50 million.
  • The legal drinking age is 19 in South Korea, but this is actually 18 in Western years. Jun explains this difference during the show.
  • Jun talked about the Bai and Naxi minority ethnic groups. They are two of the 56 official ethnic groups in China.

Here are some photos from Shangri-la:

Shangrli-la - Picture of wood.

The people of Shangri-la rely on firewood for heating their homes.

Shangrli-la - Picture of Naxi people.

Naxi people.

Shangrli-la - Picture of the market in Shangri-la.

The town's market.

Shangrli-la - Picture of the Ganden Sumtseling in Shangri-la, China.

The Ganden Sumtseling Buddhist monastery is just outside of town.

Shangrli-la - Picture of Napa Lake, near Shangri-la, China.

Napa Lake is also near Shangri-la.

Shangrli-la - Picture of an endangered black-necked heron.

The lake is home to the endangered black-necked heron.

Shangrli-la - Picture of yaks.

Yaks roam freely here.

Shangrli-la - Picture of Katie.

Photo-bombed by a yak!

For more pictures of Shangri-la, click here.

And here are a few photos from Tiger Leaping Gorge:

Shangrli-la - Picture of Katie and Tiger Leaping Gorge scenery.

Day 1 of our hike.

Shangrli-la - Picture of Dan and Katie at Naxi Family Guesthouse.

From the Naxi Family Guesthouse, with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountains in the background.

More Tiger Leaping Gorge photos

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