Around the World Podcast #26: Kathy McGowan

Picture of me and Kathy.

Dan and Kathy

My guest today is Kathy McGowan. When I met her, she had just finished a three-year stint of living in a “small” city in China (population 3 million), and was relaxing in Shaxi for a few days before heading to New Zealand. The thing that struck me about Kathy was her willingness to just pick up everything and move. She's lived in over fifty houses, and counting. We talked about a few of her former homes (including India and Malta), as well as what's up next for her.

Please enjoy my conversation with Kathy McGowan:

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Kathy's website is called Travels Through My Life. She writes about her amazing experiences, living in different parts of the world. Castle Douglas to Lelupul is her story of moving to India with a two-year-old child and one more on the way. She also has many pictures, including a photo set of her mummified cat. I especially like the one titled “Going to the vet...”

Kathy also is working with the Kep Gardens Social Enterprise Project in Cambodia. The goal is to provide some people with a sustainable income for their school. She's looking for one or two people to help set up a business near a tropical beach. If you are interested, you can find more info on the organization's website.

Show Notes:

  • From this podcast, I added Finland and Shimla, India to my list of future travel destinations.
  • Correction: I said I went to a market near the Cordillera Huayhuash, but I meant the Apolobamba. 1000DaysBetween regrets this error.
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