AtW Podcast, Episode 25: Coffeecast

Coffeecast: Picture of market square in Shaxi, China.

Coffeecast: This is where we had our coffee and conversation.

We have a different format for this episode of the podcast. I was sitting in the market square of Shaxi China, drinking coffee and having a chit-chat with four new friends. We decided to record our conversation, which I'll call our “Coffeecast”. Joining me were Kathy, an English woman staying at my hostel, Hugh and Pauline, cycle-tourists from England, and Liam, who you met during the last podcast. I hope you enjoy our talk. I might do more Coffeecasts I the future.

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Show Notes:

  • Shaxi is on the Ancient Tea Horse Road, a trade route that connected southwestern China with Tibet and India. Here's some more information from Wikipedia.
  • Hugh mentioned the World Monuments Fund, which aims to protect ancient and treasured places. Here's the WMF's Website.
  • Taiwan's population is 23.5 million. Not quite as dense as I had thought.
Coffeecast: Picture of temple.

This is the temple/museum in the market square.

Coffeecast: Picture of building in Shaxi, China.

Here's the other main building in the square.

Coffeecast: Picture of arch bridge in Shaxi, China.

This is the bridge leading into town.

Coffeecast: Picture of Shaxi, China.

Shaxi from above.

More of my photos from Shaxi, China

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