Around the World #41: Bounce

Bounce: Picture of MCK and Dan.

MCK and me after our Bounce session.

My guest MCK runs a program called Bounce. Basically, it's a twenty-minute conversation in which he listens to you and asks you the right questions to work through whatever's on your mind. He and I did a Bounce session at the beginning of this podcast and it was very helpful. We also touched on many other travel related topics.

Special Offer!

For one week after this podcast is released, MCK will give you a twenty-minute Bounce session, and you can pay whatever you think it's worth. Head on over to for more info.

And now, let's listen to the podcast:

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Show Notes:

  • MCK's website is He has lots of information about Bounce, as well as his other projects.
  • His other website, is focused exclusively on Bouncing.
  • We talked rather extensively about my Chain Fail episode of this podcast. Highly recommended.
  • When I said that there were 100 million cars in China, I was citing outdated news. In fact, this number is from 2011. It's nearly double that number today, and there are likely more licensed drivers in China than there are people in the US.
Picture of sour papaya.

Here is the sour papaya that MCK brought in. It tastes like a lighter version of a Sour Patch Kid.

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