Around the World #40: Matthew Clausen

Picture of Matthew and Dan.

Matthew and Dan.

Matthew Clausen and I recorded this podcast on a dark and breezy night, while sitting atop the Great Wall of China. We had just finished a long day of trekking on the wall, starting at the popular restored section of Mutianyu, and ending at “wild” Jiankou. We had a fantastic time reminiscing his week-long visit to Beijing, culminating in this outdoor adventure. We also discussed rock climbing, our views on what it means to travel, and much more.

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Show Notes:

  • According to, the district of Huairou (怀柔区), from which we recorded this podcast, has a population of 373,000, barely a blip on the radar by Chinese population standards.
  • Jiankou (箭扣), where we were camping, was constructed in 1368 and has never been restored.
  • The Dunning-Kruger Effect basically states that when people have a low level of skill for a certain task, they tend to overestimate their skill level at that task.
  • We didn't talk about this during the podcast, but these infographics help to explain the cultural differences between Germany (or “The West”) and China (“The East”).
  • Apparently Amazon Prime Air is real, and it's coming to an airspace near you.
  • It is forbidden to fly a drone over the Forbidden City in Beijing. Just ask Trey Ratcliff.
  • You can hear Roni Rodrigues tell his story of flying his drone over Lake Baikal here.
  • Here's an explanation of the notion that You Remember 10% of what you read.... It's not really quantifiable, as we suggested during the podcast.

And now for some photos from our hike on the Great Wall of China:

Picture of Matt and Jess.

Matt and Jess.

Picture of Dan and Katie on the Great Wall.

Me and Katie on the wall at Jiankou.

Picture of down-climbing the Great Wall.


Picture of Jess, Dan and Matt on the wall.

Breakfast on the wall.

Picture of Katie watching the sunrise on the Great Wall.

Watching the sunrise.

Picture of valley at Jiankou.

Looking down the valley toward Huairou.

More photos from my trips to the Great Wall of China

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