AtW #44: Carlos VillaWolf and Leah Ittner

Picture of Dan, Carlos and Leah.

Dan, Carlos and Leah

Carlos VillaWolf and Leah Ittner are good friends of Katie's and mine. They lived in Beijing for four years and moved to Ho Chi Minh City about ten months ago. They were back in Beijing to visit friends over a long weekend, and we managed to squeeze in some time to record this podcast.

This one is full of sage wisdom; I hope you enjoy it!

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Show Notes:

  • This map shows you Ho Chi Minh City, including the bubble that is District 2.
  • In the podcast I mentioned the story of a woman in New York who thought someone was stealing her identity, but the truth was even darker. Here is is.
  • Here is the interview that I talked about, Tim Ferris and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Here's the trailer for Moana. Yup, American accents.
  • Carlos mentioned an article titled 10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America. The author paints in broad strokes and I don't agree with all of it, but yeah, it's mostly true.
  • Here's more info about Babies, the documentary Carlos and Leah talked about.
  • Wondering how the US compares with the rest of the world in maternity leave? Here you go.
  • Germany has been paying people to have kids for the last decade.
  • EU countries could start requiring US citizens to get visas for travel, but this isn't really because of our current political climate. And it would be an easy thing for the US government to fix. The problem is that we still require citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania to obtain visas to visit the US. This is a violation of our reciprocity agreement with the EU. If the EU actually changed the rules, my guess is that we'd start honoring this agreement real quick.
  • Here's Louis CK on Jay Leno talking about how he's not saving anything for his kids:
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