AtW #48: Nitai Deitel from The Hutong

Hutong: Picture of Nitai Deitel on the Great Wall.

On one of The Hutong's trips, Nitai hangs out on the Great Wall.

Nitai works at The Hutong, a cultural exchange center based in Beijing, China. We discussed the types of trips he runs through the Hutong, ranging from Great Wall excursions to bicycling around Yunnan province.

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Show Notes:

  • Nitai works for The Hutong, where he runs many outdoor excursions across China.
  • Here's a video I shot last year during the Lantern Festival fireworks in Beijing:
  • And here's a video I created at the Jingpo Nao Song Festival 景颇族瑙纵歌节:

  • Here's my “Chain Fail” podcast that I mentioned while talking with Nitai.
  • We also talked about The Sex Lives of Cannibals, a funny book by J. Maarten Troost about his time living on a remote island in Kiribati.
  • Nitai also mentioned showing a documentary called Plastic Oceans. Follow the link for more info.
  • Nitai's friend Kyle Obermann won this year's WildChina Explorer Grant. He will use the grant to explore the Hengduan mountain range and document conservation work.
  • Here's Kyle's Instagram Page.

And here are a few pictures of some of the places we talked about on the show:

Picture of majong players.

These folks are playing majong (a traditional Chinese tile game) outside of our building in Dongzhimen, Beijing.

Picture of theater in Shaxi, Yunnan, China.

Here's the theater in Shaxi, China.

Picture of bridge in Shaxi, Yunnan, China.

The famous bridge in Shaxi, China.

Picture of Shaxi weekly market.

At the weekly market in Shaxi.

Picture of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Here's Katie at Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China.

Picture of Panda Lake in Jiuzhaigou, China.

Panda Lake, an example of the scenery you'll encounter at Jiuzhaigou National Park.

Picture of Soldiers' Gathering.

This is Soldiers' Gathering, in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

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