Beijing Life With Nina Krafft

Beijing: Picture of Dan and Nina.

Beijing has been good to us.

Nina Krafft is a friend who lives and works in Beijing, China. We talked extensively about life in Beijing, as well as travel around China in general.

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Show notes:

Here's a short video I made at the Chengdu panda park:

And here's a short video I made at the Jingpo festival we stumbled upon:

Jingpo Nao Song Festival 景颇族瑙纵歌节

This website has more information about the festival. It's written in Chinese, but it has many beautiful photos, and a professional video.

Beijing: Picture of three-person bicycle.

This is the three-person bike we rented in Panjin's Red Beach.

Beijing: Picture of sunset over Red Beach..

Sunset over Panjin's Red Beach.

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