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Building the New with Morgan McKinnon

Picture of Dan and Morgan.

Children of the corn.

Morgan McKinnon is on a journey. Last time we talked on this podcast, she was preparing for a skin removal surgery. You can check out that episode here. Since then, she has gotten her surgery done and accepted a new job in Morocco. This episode is full of inspiration. I hope you enjoy it!

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Show Notes:

Iron Wall, Silver Mountain

Silver Pagodas: Picture of Paddy Robertson.

Before heading to the Iron Wall Silver Mountain, Paddy is enjoying the sunset.

On this week's show, I talked with Paddy Robertson about our two-day bicycle trip from Beijing to the Iron Wall Silver Mountain, AKA the Silver Mountain Pagoda Forest. This is officially recognized by the national government as a AAAA scenic spot, and it was one of the 28 designated tourist destinations during the 2008 Olympics. It's a sacred site of Buddhism, originally built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The current incarnation was built during the Liao Dynasty (907-1125).

Officially, the Silver Pagodas have been closed since 2014, but, as you'll hear during the show, Paddy and I found it easy to get into the park anyway. With that in mind, let's listen to the podcast:

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Show Notes:

Here are some photos from our trip to the Silver Pagodas:

Silver Pagodas: Picture of entrance sign.

The Yinshan Pagoda Forest scenic spot should be temporarily closed and rehabilitated for some reason.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of scenery near Beijing.

This is what the scenery just outside of Beijing looks like.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of coal trains.

Trains to and from Beijing. Coal goes in, empty cars come out.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of mountain scenery.

More Beijing mountain scenery.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of old man in garden.

An old man in Gateway to the Lake Village tends to his garden.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of sunset over Gateway to the Lake Village.

Sunset over Gateway to the Lake Village.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of Dan and Paddy at a pagoda.

Me and Paddy at the hilltop pagoda.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of cloudy sunset.

Wispy clouds at sunset.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of Silver Mountain pagodas.

The main pavilion at the Iron Wall Silver Mountain.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of Silver Mountain Pavilion.

Another view of the main pavilion.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of bell on Silver Mountain, China.

One of the bells at the pavilion halfway up the mountain.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of smoggy landscape view.

Looking back toward Beijing, with the smog coming in.

Silver Pagodas: Picture of dog in Datong.

A woman walked in with her pet dog in Datong and Frankie just had to get a picture with it.

Click for more photos from the pagoda forest.

Beijing Life With Nina Krafft

Beijing: Picture of Dan and Nina.

Beijing has been good to us.

Nina Krafft is a friend who lives and works in Beijing, China. We talked extensively about life in Beijing, as well as travel around China in general.

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Show notes:

Here's a short video I made at the Chengdu panda park:

And here's a short video I made at the Jingpo festival we stumbled upon:

Jingpo Nao Song Festival 景颇族瑙纵歌节

This website has more information about the festival. It's written in Chinese, but it has many beautiful photos, and a professional video.

Beijing: Picture of three-person bicycle.

This is the three-person bike we rented in Panjin's Red Beach.

Beijing: Picture of sunset over Red Beach..

Sunset over Panjin's Red Beach.