Bicycling Around Japan, Part 2

Picture of Katie admiring the fall colors in Japan.

Just leaf her alone.

On this episode, my wife Katie and I continue our talk about bicycling in Japan. We give you all of the ups and downs of our trip.

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And now for the podcast:

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Show Notes:

Here's a video of the toilet faucet that I talked about during the podcast. Genius!

How do you take a crap in Japan? I often felt lost, just like in this video:

  • One more toilet related link. Freakonomics did a podcast a few years called Time to Take Back the Toilet. Many of these problems have already been solved in Japan.
  • Yes, the Japanese government really issued an apology when a bullet train left 20 seconds early. Imagine Amtrak doing that.

And now for a few of my pictures from Japan:

Picture of Suzhouhao.

We rode the Su Zhou Hao ferry for two days from Shanghai to Osaka.

Picture of busy street in Osaka.

First stop: Osaka, a foodie's paradise.

Picture of heron in Takamatsu, Japan.

We found this heron at the Ritsurin gardens in Takamatsu.

Picture of Konpira kabuki theater.

One day we stumbled upon the Old Konpira, the oldest kabuki theater in Japan.

Picture of rice field in Japan..

We saw plenty of rice fields while riding across Shikoku Island.

Picture of Japanese bridge.

Many of the islands were connected by bridges...

Picture of Japanese ferry.

…And other islands had an amazing ferry network connecting them.

Picture of Miyamoto and Dan.

Miyamoto the mask maker invited us to stay in his house one night.

Picture of Great Torii on Miyajima Island.

Our trip would not be complete without a visit to the Great Torii on Miyajima Island.

Picture of sento (public bath).

Sento (public baths) and Onsen (hot springs) were a big part of our trip. Staying clean and relaxing our aching muscles proved easy, even while bicycle touring.

Picture of Buddha statue.

We also visited many temples. This one featured the oldest Buddha statue in Japan, created in 609 AD.

Picture of colorful maple leaves in Japan.

And of course, the we experienced peak fall colors season. The maple trees had a wild array of yellows, oranges and reds.

For more of my photos from Japan, click here.

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