Random Thoughts with David Shand

Random: Picture of Dan Perry and David Shand.

Random thoughts with David Shand.

My guest for today is David Shand, from South Africa. We met in his adopted home of Chishang, Taiwan and chatted ceaselessly about random topics for two days. This podcast contains a snippet of those conversations.

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Random: Picture of osprey.

This osprey totally derailed our conversation.

Random: Picture of egret.

This egret is was pretty cool to watch as well.

Random: Picture of some bird.

A darian redstart.

Picture of Katie eating custard apple.

As soon as we recorded this podcast, we saw custard apples for sale everywhere. Yum!

Picture of bicycle chain.

Bicycle conformity.

Click for more of my photos from Taiwan.

Show Notes:

  • David was totally right: Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are the same thing. The only difference is where they originate.
  • Even as the threat of war builds, wildlife is flourishing in the DMZ. National Geographic has a great series of photos from the most dangerous part of the Earth.
  • Atomic bombs use fission, whereas hydrogen bombs use fusion. USA Today offers a longer explanation.
  • Some US diplomats were attacked in Cuba. This may have come from a mysterious sonic weapon.
  • Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay, died in 2007 at age 92. He had no regrets about dropping the bomb.
  • Trusty Wikipedia has info about baghouses.
  • Here's some more info about Chromium 6.
  • And here's an article about the North Korean defector who was shot six times by his own countrymen. He had “enormous parasites” in his guts.

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Airplane! car phone scene

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