AtW #80: Alison Price

Picture of Katie, Alison Price and Dan.

Katie and me with Alison Price.

Katie and I met Alison Price many years ago at the Twin Ports invasion, dubbed “The World's Coldest Couchsurfing Invasion”, a claim that I do no dispute. Alison is an amazing artist based in Minneapolis.

And now, here's our podcast:

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  • I talk about Couchsurfing often on this podcast, and this episode is no different. Couchsurfing is one of my favorite ways to connect with locals while I'm traveling, and it's also fun to host people in my home.
  • Katie and I talked about cycle touring in Japan on two separate podcasts, #64 and #66.
  • Emmy Lou the shar pei has her own Instagram account, EmmyLouPei.
  • There were mammoths in North America at the time the pyramids were built in Egypt. This article verifies this claim, and much more. Though #3 is no longer true.
  • Along the same lines, the blog Wait But Why did a great take on “horizontal history.”
  • Humans have spent several decades thinking about how to label nuclear waste so future civilizations will know to avoid it. The labels will have to stand the test of time: plutonium-239 will remain dangerous for around 240,000 years. For comparison, homo sapiens began to evolve around 200,000 years ago (according to the article).
  • NASA has a handy guide on how to read the Golden Record, aboard Voyager.
  • Here's how to find NEMAA.

During the podcast, I mentioned that I had checked out an abandoned school in New Orleans. It was frozen in time after hurricane Katrina struck. Here are some photos from that memorable experience:

Picture of abandoned school in New Orleans. Picture of peace sign in abandoned school. Picture of lockers. Picture of newspaper in abandoned school in New Orleans.

We found this newspaper in the principal's office, predicting that Katrina would hit the Florida panhandle instead of New Orleans.

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