AtW #81: Alec Hill

Picture of Alec and Dan.
Alec Hill is a world traveler who is just getting started on an open-ended trip. In fact, Hong Kong was his first international stop, and I was his second Couchsurfing host. We chatted about how he got here and what lies on the road ahead for him.

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Show Notes:

  • Alec and I talked a bit about Paul Theroux. He has written several travel books, including The Great Railway Bazaar and Dark Star Safari. You can find the interview I mentioned here.
  • Alec also brought up David Grann, author of the excellent book The Lost City of Z. He also wrote a book called The White Darkness, which I have not read. This book is about 21st century explorer Henry Worsley. For the record, Frank Worsley was a member of Shackleton’s ill-fated expedition a century ago.
  • After summiting Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary rode a tractor to the south pole (I guess he needed something to do). You can read more about that expedition here.
  • The first people to walk across Antarctica unaided and unsupported were Colin O’Brady and Louis Rudd, which just happened in January 2019.
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