AtW #83: Sim and Nathan

Picture of Nathan, Sim, and Dan.

Sim and Nathan and Dan

Sim and Nathan are Couchsurfers who stayed with Katie and me in Hong Kong. This was their final stop on a journey of more than a year. We had an awesome discussion about a variety of topics, ranging from traveling for free to exploding Pinto gas tanks.

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Show Notes:

This video shows two guys on a small farm planting potatoes. Now you know.

Picture of potato planters.

Here’s a photo of some local villagers planting potatoes on the Annapurna Circuit. How many tractors do you see in this photo?

Picture of Poon Hill, no people. Picture of Poon Hill, with people.

These are both photos of Poon Hill, one with people, one without. Which one is more accurate?

Here’s an insane video of a wild elephant charging a man.

Here’s a similar video, this time with a gorilla.

Picture of some guy’s ass.

October, 2001. I was in a bar in London and two women asked to borrow my camera because they wanted to photograph a sign in the restroom. A few minutes later they returned, snickering. A couple weeks later when I got the film developed, I saw that this was the photo they had actually taken. Talk about a funny prank that you can’t do anymore!

Here’s a video explaining the concept of a cat cafe.

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