Sharp Peak, Sai Kung's Most Difficult Hike

Picture of Sim from the summit of Sharp Peak.

Sharp Peak

Sharp Peak (蚺蛇尖) is considered the most challenging hike in Sai Kung. The main reason for this is because of the steepness of the ascent. At times you need to engage all four limbs, so you need to have good footwear and a clear head on your shoulders. On top of that, you’ll spend hours completely exposed to the relentless sun, making dehydration and heat exhaustion real possibilities.

But the hike is also quite rewarding. From the top, you get a great view over the beaches of Tai Long Wan, including Ham Tin Wan, one of the nicest beaches in Hong Kong. I went with my three CouchSurfing guests: Sim, Nathan and Miljana. We hiked all afternoon, and we didn’t arrive at the bus stop to come home until dusk. It took me nine months of living in Sai Kung before I hiked to Sharp Peak the first time; I don’t think I’ll wait so long before heading back.

Here are some of my photos from the hike:

Picture of abandoned village.

We passed this abandoned village early in the hike.

Picture of Miljana taking a picture of feral cows.

If you come to Sai Kung, you’ll almost certainly see feral cows. They’re mostly docile, and quite a popular tourist attraction.

Picture of Sim, Nathan and Dan talking.

A conversation on the way up.

Picture of summit of Sharp Peak.

About two-thirds of the way to the summit, the view started to get really good.

Picture of Miljana.

Despite the heat, Miljana is excited to be hiking.

Picture of view of beaches from near the summit of Sharp Peak.

The view of the trail and Ham Tin Wan beach below.

Picture of Sai Kung peninsula from Sharp Peak.

From the summit of Sharp Peak, we got a good view of the Sai Kung peninsula.

Picture of Dan, Miljana, and Sim from the summit of Sharp Peak.

Me, Miljana and Sim on the summit, 468 meters above sea level. It was so nice, we spent nearly an hour there.

Picture of Miljana and Sim heading down the trail.

On the way down. The steep trail winds all the way down the ridgeline.

Picture of Ham Tin Wan.

Ham Tin Wan has to be one of the nicest beaches in Hong Kong.

Picture of sunset over the river.

Sunset on the way back.

More photos from the Sharp Peak hike

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